wash & care


Good news! All of our clothing is machine washable.  We do recommend washing your Tinctoria clothing in warm or cold water. You can also put them in the dryer, but we find that the color remains richer over time if you hang dry your clothes. 

Please be VERY careful to add laundry soap to the machine BEFORE you add clothing – some detergents will discharge the dye if poured directly onto clothing. And, please do not dry clean. The chemicals used in dry cleaning will destroy the dye colors..

Over time, we have come to realize that our natural plants dyes seem to be especially sensitive to citric acid (found in oranges, tomatoes, etc). Please be careful when eating anything containing citrus. If you do spill citric acid on your clothes, it will look as if the dye has been removed or bleached. The only approach we have found to be helpful is to wash the whole garment and the spot should become less obvious and hopefully will eventually fade away completely. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do in the dye studio (see “Can it be redyed?)

I stained my clothing….

How do I clean it?

Please do not spot treat your specially dyed garment as it will likely create an even bigger and more obvious problem. If you have a light stain, you can dab the spot with a little water using a clean rag, but you would never want to rub the area or treat with a spot remover chemical.   If you spotted your clothing, go ahead and wash the whole garment. Hopefully, your spot will come out in the wash or lighten up over time.

Can it be redyed?

Unfortunately, redying the garment will not make a spot go away. It will only darken the whole garment and there will still be a color difference between the spot and the rest of the garment.