Go eco-fabulous with our 100% organic fiber and plant/naturallly dyed clothing line all designed to flatter your body and layer together beautifully.  Organic Every-wear!

Tinctoria Designs was created by Samantha Backer and Jill Golden in the Spring of 2003 stemming from a love for natural (plant) dyes, textile arts, great fitting clothing, and an organic lifestyle.  At that time, hemp based textiles were just beginning to feel soft , have drape, and even stretch!  As conscious consumers, we had both been committed to buying hemp clothing for years, but found the early days of this industry to be full of baggy, boxy, stiff styles. We knew we could improve on this and provide an opportunity for our customers to make choices that were not only sustainable, but beautiful, stylish and flattering.

All of Tinctoria’s garments are our original designs and are intentionally manufactured in the city where we thrive, Portland, Oregon. We use only organic fabric blends including hemp, soy, and organic cotton and we hand dye exclusively with plant and insect dye.  Each Tinctoria garment is first sewn in it’s undyed natural state and is then hand dyed in our Portland, Oregon studio using material extracted from trees, roots, plants, and insects. All of the colors are handcrafted by mixing and over-dying different dyestuff such as indigo, madder root, osage, and cochineal!  We love creating color and the commute to work isn’t bad either! 

And, if you happen to be in Portland, OR or visiting, we now have a full eco boutique called Super Natural featuring the entire tinctoria clothing line, many other great organic lines, plus lots of accessories and local jewelry!  Come on by and try stuff on!

3435 SE Hawthorne St.
Portland OR 97214

Mon-Sat 11 -7
Sun 11-6

Every Tinctoria garment is made with love and gratitude. We know you have a choice and we thank you for choosing ethically made, low impact, handcrafted clothing.