Almost one-half of the agricultural herbicides and pesticides used on U.S. crops are applied to industrial cotton, which is why we use only organic cotton in our products.  Organic cotton has the same fiber strength, length, and other properties as conventional cotton, but without all the harmful chemicals.

Organic agriculture utilizes alternatives to conventional chemicals to control pests and disease.  Some examples include inter-cropping and companion planting, where beneficial crops are grown next to each others.  The quality of one plant provides nutrients, deters harmful; insects or attracts beneficial insects to the others. Cover crops are grown to build topsoil and replenish nutrients.  Rather than destroying farmland as mono-cropping techniques (growing one crop over a large area), organic farming actually improves the overall quality of the land.

According to the Sustainable Crop Project, it takes one-third of a pound of pesticides to produce one non-organic cotton t-shirt.  You do have a choice - buy organic!